We offer a Basic Portage Workshop (3 days) which provides an introduction to the Portage Model and practical skills of how to deliver Portage to children and their families. In recent years experienced UK Portage experts have updated the workshop content  ensuring it is relevant  as well as taking advantage of the latest innovations.

A team of Russian trainers deliver the workshop covering 15 interactive modules including: 

  • The Portage Model 
  • Establishing working partnerships with parents and colleagues 
  • Designing a Portage teaching activity 
  • Portage, play and generalisation of skills 
  • Working with other professionals 
  • Promoting social development and managing behaviour 

We also offer an Advanced Portage Workshop (4 days) for experienced portage workers to develop their knowledge and gain skills in training.  This workshop is offered to portage workers with a minimum of  6 months experience in delivering Portage and a desire to develop their skills further in order to effectively train others the practical skills of how to deliver Portage.


Both workshops are organised with our partners throughout Russia and neighbouring countries according to demand.

For more information or to discuss arranging a workshop, please contact:

Nina Veddell - - Programme Development Manager


Our experience and research has shown that Portage services have a greater level of success when supported by an experienced mentor.

We therefore offer a 6 month mentoring programme available to new Portage Teams following completion of the Basic Portage Workshop. 

An experienced Portage worker will provide advice and guidance on all areas of delivering Portage and working as a team. This support may be face-to-face sessions, providing written information and also through conversations on skype calls depending on the location of both the team and mentor.

For more information on mentoring, please contact


Programme Development Manager



There is still a lack of early intervention and specialist support for children with disabilities and their families in Russia and neighbouring countries. 

Many of the Portage teams we work with are the only source of advice and support and therefore we aim to support them in a varied and holistic way using Portage as an additional model of support to their service.

We aim to provide additional support in areas that complement the delivery of Portage such as advice from: 

  • Physiotherapists 
  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Speech and Language Therapists 
  • Special Needs teachers 
  • Experienced Portage worker 


We are able to support professional volunteers to provide advice and, if possible, visit and spend time working with the teams to pass on skills and knowledge that the team can continue to use in their Portage practice. 

For more information on volunteering with us or on receiving support from our volunteers please contact:

Jo Pritchard -

UK Director