Working together is essential for success. Especially when success means huge change, not just to the lives of individual children and their families, but to communities, a society and ultimately a culture.

Introducing a new way of being with, supporting and teaching children with some of the most complex needs in society can only be done if everyone truely believes it can.

Thanks to the belief and dedication of Portage workers, families, directors of institutions, local centres and of course other charities we have been able to work together to achieve huge transformations.

Since our official partnership with Diema's Dream, a Russian NGO dedicated to improving the lifes of orphans and children with special needs, we have been able to work together both strategically and practically.

This has allowed Portage to grow and spread both within Russia, and with new partners in neighbouring countries such as Tajikistan, Bulgaria and the Czech Rebublic.

By providing and supporting the training and mentoring of new Portage teams with our partners in these countries we have seen even more growth and belief in the power of Portage.


Disabled children and their families still have very limited access to therapist and specialists educational provision.  It is often very expensive and families have to travel a long way for treatment and advice.  Within the state run institutions it is often still believed that disabled children do not benefit from education and therapy, are labelled 'uneducable' and therefore receive little or no input other than being fed, washed and changed in their beds.

ThePromise have worked to show that every child can benefit from receiving love, care, attention and support to develop and learn.

As well as working to promote and spread Portage we welcome volunteers willing to share their specialist knowledge and skills with the Portage teams, children and families we work with abroad as well as our UK staff and trustees.

Tanyer, Volunteer Occupational Therapist, Working With Andre In 2009

Volunteers are vital to our work and we have been extremely lucky to be supported by many wonderful people giving their time and expertise to help our work, including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and experts in Appropriate Paper Technology (APT).  

Our volunteers provide the children with much needed treatment and equipment and the staff and parents with advice and training so they can continue the work initiated by the volunteers.

We also rely on volunteers to help us with aspects of running and promoting the charity, such as website designers, accountants, students with an interest in the third sector and translators. 


Our volunteers are invaluable to our success and we are always very happy to hear from anyone who may be able to support  and work with us.

Many hands make light work!

Volunteers In May '08 With Equipment Made From APT

 If you have skills you are willing to share and would like to discuss possible volunteering opportunities please get in touch with us. 

Jo Pritchard -

ThePromise will provide you with all the information and support you need to have a successful and fulfilling volunteer experience.  

We encourage volunteers to raise funds to cover any costs involved, however we can suggest fundraising ideas as well as facilitate all logistics relating to any trips abroad.