ThePromise works to improve the lives of disabled children in Russia and neighbouring countries by promoting an early education system of support called Portage and by encouraging a more positive attitude to disability.

Portage is a powerful early intervention model of one-to-one support for children needing extra help to develop fundamental skills and independence. It is used successfully with disabled children in many countries across the world.

Portage is a child led, family focused, structured teaching model supporting a child’s development by embedding the skills they need to learn through play.

Since successfully founding the very first Portage team in the Ryazan Baby Home in 2005 we have raised funds to set up new Portage teams in many areas of Russia.  Due to the amazing results and development of local support and funding all Portage teams are now funded from within Russia.

Our pioneering work now focuses on training and supporting new teams of Portage workers based in institutions as well as community teams working with families with disabled children in their own homes.

So far the we have trained 400 portage workers who have helped 2000 children live happier and healthier lives.


Our workshop was originally developed by Portage Consultant and ThePromise Patron Mollie White, who was instrumental in bringing Portage to the UK. In recent years we have been supported by experienced UK Portage trainers to review and keep the workshop content up to date and relevant for the changing environments in which we work.


Mollie White, Patron, (far right) with Ryazan Community Portage Team


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